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EDA organized traaining for nurses on diabetes

EDA organized a-four-day training on Training for Nurses on Diabetes Education Training Manual for Sub-Saharan Africa from January 10 -13, 2011 at Ghion Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Thirty-six nurses selected from 12 health centers across the country have participated in the training. Prof. Jemal Abdulkadir, Dr. Ahmed Reja, President of EDA, and other internists provided the training.

The training is part of World Diabetes Foundation project.

Life for A Child donates insulin for children and youth in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Diabetes Association receives 16,200 vials of insulin donated by the Australian based Life for A Child’s International Diabetes Federation Program.

The International Diabetes Federation Life for a Child Program seeks to give children and youth with diabetes in developing countries the best possible chance at a normal and healthy life. These children need insulin, quality medical care, other medical supplies, and diabetes education. Currently, the grim reality for many of these children is a quick death or survival with poor quality of life, as care is either not available or not affordable. Serious complications can develop at a young age, and those who survive frequently drop out of school, have difficulty getting a job, and cannot support themselves as adults.
The insulin supply will meet the insulin need of about 3,000 children and youth under 23 years across the country for about eight months.

Life For A Child Program Manager, Dr. Graham Ogle, has visited the Ethiopian Diabetes Association. He discussed various diabetes related issues with Dr. Ahmed Reja and with diabetic children and youth

"Life for a Child" is now assisting over 4,000 children in 25+ countries. Children’s diabetes services in each of these countries are provided with targeted support so they can provide the best possible care, given local circumstances. This includes provision of insulin, syringes, blood glucose testing supplies, HbA1c testing, education and training, depending on needs. The centers provide thorough clinical and financial trail feedback.


EDA conducts Diabetes Conversation Map Facilitators Training
traineesDiabetes Conversation Map Facilitators Training program has successfully brought together 25 nurses and diabetes educators on August 19, 2009 for the first time in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The program which aims to seek out and deliver cutting-edge diabetes education resources supports people with diabetes to engage in a group discussion to share their experience and knowledge regarding managing and controlling diabetes.

The Ethiopian Diabetes Association conducted a day long facilitators training to expand diabetes education across the nation. Participants of the training were recruited from public and private hospitals and clinics working in diabetes treatment and education.

Dr. AhmedIn his opening remark, Dr. Ahmed Reja, EDA President, noted that as diabetes is a life-long disease which makes the patient to be active in his/her care and treatment, the newly designed diabetes education enable them to better take the appropriate decision-making process, partnering with the healthcare professionals and setting goals and interventions necessary to achieve the best outcomes.  Hence, he added that the Conversation Map allows the patients to feel a sense of empowerment and take ownership of their health outcomes.

This patient-focused educational training is believed to help people overcome the day-to-day challenges of life with diabetes. The patient-centred model gives autonomy to the patient for deciding how to manage his or her health. 

ZerihunThe Association’s vice-president, Zerihun Temtime, believes that EDA will expand the training to regional cities as soon as it gets support from donors and partners locally or internationally. The Association has 31 branches throughout the country.

The training was provided by EDA’s Communication Officer and Educator, Mesai Mitiku, after successfully completing Expert training conducted at Nairobi from May 27 – 30, 2010, which provided him with the skills necessary to use the Conversation Map tools effectively, one of the newest diabetes education techniques, and to enable them to train other healthcare professionals on the use of the tools.  The Conversation Map which is highly visual with interactive diabetes educational tools was created by Healthy Interactions in collaboration with the International Diabetes Federation Europe, and sponsored by Lilly Diabetes.

EDA launches diabetes education program for Type 1 diabetics

More than 70 children and youth have come together for the first time to participate in diabetes education program focusing on Type 1 diabetes.

The education program held at EDA premise on May 15, 2010, provided participants with a newly published diabetes booklet tailored for Type 1 diabetics. Click here to read the Booklet in Amharic. The education program was lead by Dr. Ahmed Reja, EDA President and Dr. Bereket, pediatrician diabetologist at Black Lion Hospital.

The session enabled children and youth to forward questions related to diabetes and also made possible to exchange experience and views related to their health.

The program was sponsored by Tamrat who is owner and general manager of International Clinical Laboratories.

EDA opens its 31st branch office in Yirga-Alem

The Ethiopian Diabetes Association has opened its 31st branch office at Yirga-Alem, about 380 kms south of the capital Addis Ababa.The opening of the Yirga-Alem branch is the third one that EDA has made within the past three months. Branch offices at Nekempt, about 550 kms north west of Addis Ababa and Assela, 250 kms south-east of the capital (read the news filed by ENA) opened April and May respectively. click here to read more

Public discussion on diabetes held in Addis Ababa

A public discussion and educational program on dibetes was held in National Theatre, Addis Ababa, on Tuesday November 8, 2009. The public gathering which brought together some one thousand peole across various parts of the country was organized by Ethiopian Diabetes Association. Read the news



EDA organized a walking event to mark WDD 2009

EDA held a walking event in Addis Ababa on October 8, 2009 as part of its activities to mark the World Diabetes Day. The event brought together more than 700 people across cross-section of the society. The following pictures are selected to highlight the event. Read the news in Amharic


EDA has recently organized diabetes related trainings for health practitioners in Black Lion Specialized Hospital, Addis Ababa. The following are some of the pictures taken at the events. Read the news in Amharic



Dr. Graham ogle visit

Conversation map training














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