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The Ethiopian Diabetes Association was established on January 23, 1984 G.C (1976E.C) for the purpose of providing a forum to diabetes patients so that they can discuss ways of prevention, the provision of information and treatment for all affected by diabetes. The initiative came from Ethiopian Medical Association, health care professionals and people who live with diabetes at the time. It is the first patient based association in the country. Read more

mass walk to raise awareness on ncds held in addis ababa

walkThe Ethiopian Diabetes Association, Matiwos Cancer Association, Ethiopian Cancer Association, Ethiopian Kidney Association and Ethiopian Heart Association held mass walk on Saturday May 21, 2011, to raise awareness on the burden of non-communicable diseases. About 200 people particiapted in the trip which covered 3 kms from Minilik Square to Meskel Square, in Addis Ababa.

The NCD Alliance urges the government to implement the WHO's 2008-2013 Action Plan for Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health; and the global Strategy to reduce the Harmful use of Alcohol.

walk ncdsIt also requests the Government to represent a delegation lead by the Prime Minister in the upcoming UN High-Level Summit on NCDs taking place 19-20th September 2011.

In a press statement, the Alliance calls on the implementation of the recently developed strategic framework on NCDs and highlight the need to maximiza effort on the prevention of common risk factors associated with NCDs.

The Alliance urges the support and cooperation of non governmental organizations operating in the country towards preventing and controlling NCDs.

EDA marks WDD 2010

wdd1Ethiopian Diabetes Association marks 2010 World Diabetes Day with colorful celebrations and educational programs in the capital Addis Ababa and some major cities across the country.

conversation map

EDA conducts Diabetes Conversation Map Facilitators Training

Diabetes Conversation Map Facilitators Training program has successfully brought together 25 nurses and diabetes educators on August 19, 2009 for the first time in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The program which aims to seek out and deliver cutting-edge diabetes education resources supports people with diabetes to engage in a group discussion to share their experience and knowledge regarding managing and controlling diabetes. Read More

EDA launches diabetes education program for Type 1 diabetics

More than 70 children and youth have come together for the first time to participate in diabetes education program focusing on Type 1 diabetes. Read more


Children and Youth with Diabetes

More than 200 children and youth are members of EDA. Almost all are students and diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Despite this, they are cheerful and hopeful. Please take your time to show them affection and support. Please click here to learn more about these children.


EDA opens its 31st branch office in Yirga-Alem

The Ethiopian Diabetes Association has opened its 31st branch office at Yirga-Alem, about 380 kms south of the capital Addis Ababa.The opening of the Yirga-Alem branch is the third one that EDA has made within the past three months. Branch offices at Nekempt, about 550 kms north west of Addis Ababa and Assela, 250 kms south-east of the capital (read the news filed by ENA) opened April and May respectively. click here to read more

Diabetes Conversation Map Facilitators Training

EDA staff has recently participated Experts Trainer training on Conversation MapTM held at Nairobi, Kenya from 27 May to 30 May 2010. The training which was organized by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), in collaboration with Elly Lilly and Health Interactive provides trainers with the skills necessary to use the Conversation Map tools effectively, one of the newest diabetes education techniques, and to enable them to train other healthcare professionals on the use of the tools.   This patient-focused educational training is believed to help people overcome the day-to-day challenges of life with diabetes.

To learn more about the tools and IDF Conversation Map program, please log into www.diabetes.healthyi.com

Travelling the rough roads of diabetes care in Ethiopia – a visit to Gondar University Hospital (By Jutta Schroth)

Godar CastleAfter Axum, Gondar was the second capital of Ethiopia before Addis Ababa was made the capital around 1890, and for many tourists visiting the historical sites of the northern highlands it is the starting point. The focus of our visit, however, is not the famous castle of emperor Fasil, but the University Hospital of Gondar, where Dr. Shitaye has been running a diabetes clinic for the past 26 years, which in the meantime is considered a model of diabetes care outside of Addis Ababa. Read more




The Ethiopian Diabetes Association ‘Lisane Siquar’ Magazines has been the nation's sole diabetes magazines since 1984. This fully customized diabetes magazine is circulated across the country. The magazine is distributed by EDA’s main office located in Addis Ababa and also through the 31 branch offices found across the nation. The editorial and articles are provided by top diabetes specialists and physicians of the country. The magazine features easy-to-read articles practical diabetes management tips and provides lifestyle, medication and treatment recommendations. The magazine also supplies the latest diabetes news and research findings. Each issue of Diabetes Forecast magazine is filled with helpful, comprehensive, accurate and timely information on all aspects of diabetes. The magazine has an approximate of a couple of hundreds of thousands of readers. Advertising in ‘Lisane Siquar’ magazine provides you the opportunity to bring into the light your products and services to wide cross-section of the society across every part and region of the country. More over, you will be contributing into the initiatives that are underway to fight this deadly disease. For more advertising rate information and options, please click here You can also contact us Ethiopian Diabetes Association Telephone: 251- 011 662 58 08 or 251-011 6182160 Fax: 251-011 6182158 E-mail- ethdiab@ethionet.et P.O.Box 3184 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia www.diabetesethiopia.org.et


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The Ethiopian Diabetes Association is striving to support millions of Ethiopians living with diabetes. However, its limited capbility has become stubling block to achieve its mission. EDA welcomes any help that comes from any individual or organization. We can assure you that your donations will entirely go to diabetes education and care services.

Make your donation through the following account

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Ethiopian Diabetes Association

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Radio Program on Diabetes

The Ethiopian Diabetes Association in collaboration with Sanofi Aventis has launched a radio program on diabetes.

The weekly 15 minutes radio program is being aired via Radio Fana national station.

Lisane Siquare radio program is aired every Thursday from 07:00 AM- 07:15 AM.

Click the following link to listen to the programs;

June 09 Introduction to Diabetes

June 16 Diabetes and Diet

June 23 Prevention of Diabetes


Type 1 Diabetes Booklet

EDA has recently published a booklet on Type 1 Diabetes. Click here to read in Amharic

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